TechCorp Solutions

May 11, 2024 1 min read
TechCorp Solutions

In 09/2023, TechCorp Solutions, a leading provider of cloud-based data analytics, suffered a significant cyberattack. Hackers exploited a vulnerability in the company's security software to gain access to the internal network. Once inside, they deployed ransomware, which encrypted sensitive customer and employee data. An investigation revealed that the breach resulted from a sophisticated phishing scheme that targeted multiple employees. While no customer financial data was stolen, the attack disrupted services for several days, and the reputation of TechCorp Solutions suffered as media outlets reported on the vulnerability and subsequent data leak.


"id": "tec415051124",
"linkid": "techcorp-solutions",
"type": "Cyber Attack",
"date": "09/2023",
"severity": "100",
"impact": "4",
"explanation": "Attack with significant impact with customers data leaks"

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