Rankiteo now sponsoried by Microsoft Azure for Startup !

Apr 14, 2023 1 min read
Rankiteo now sponsoried by Microsoft Azure for Startup !

Rankiteo, a cybersecurity startup specializing in creating tools for cyber defense and ESG, is excited to announce its sponsorship by the Microsoft for Startups program. With this sponsorship, Rankiteo will integrate innovative technologies like ChatGPT into its pipelines and products, as well as continue to develop cutting-edge risk assessment software for cyber insurers and businesses.

The Microsoft for Startups program provides access to Microsoft technology, mentorship, and resources that empower startups to build and scale their businesses. Rankiteo's sponsorship is a significant achievement that will enable the company to stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving field of cybersecurity.

Rankiteo's risk assessment software is powered by advanced machine learning algorithms and data analytics, enabling it to provide highly accurate risk assessments for cyber insurers and businesses. The software helps insurers accurately assess and price cyber risk for their clients, while businesses can identify potential vulnerabilities in their systems and take proactive steps to mitigate those risks.

With the integration of innovative technologies like ChatGPT into Rankiteo's pipelines and products, the company can offer advanced threat detection and response capabilities to its clients. This will help businesses of all sizes to stay ahead of the ever-evolving threat landscape and protect their sensitive data and assets from cyber attacks.

Overall, Rankiteo's sponsorship by Microsoft for Startups is a significant milestone that will help the company continue to develop cutting-edge cyber defense and risk assessment tools. With the support of Microsoft for Startups, Rankiteo is well-positioned to provide innovative cybersecurity solutions that meet the evolving needs of businesses and insurers.

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