May 6, 2024 1 min read

In March 2024, ExampleTech was hit by a sophisticated cyber-attack attributed to the Clop ransomware group. The attack specifically targeted the company's use of MOVEit file transfer software, exploiting a previously unknown vulnerability. As a result, sensitive data concerning financial reports and personal employee information were leaked online. This incident not only caused significant operational disruptions but also led to a loss of trust among clients and partners. The company's immediate response included taking their systems offline and cooperating with cybersecurity experts to mitigate the breach. However, the financial impact and damage to its reputation are expected to be longstanding. Public response to this incident was notably intense, with widespread media coverage exacerbating the situation.

Source: https://konbriefing.com/en-topics/cyber-attacks.html

"id": "exa913050624",
"linkid": "exampletech",
"type": "Ransomware",
"date": "03/2024",
"severity": "100",
"impact": "5",
"explanation": "Attack threatening the organization’s existence"

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