Example Company

May 7, 2024 1 min read
Example Company

In March 2024, Example Company experienced a significant data breach, compromising the personal and financial information of over 10,000 customers. The attack, carried out by a well-known hacker group, exploited a vulnerability in the company's online platform. Despite swift action to secure the breach points, the damage was considerable, leading to a loss of customer trust and financial stability. This incident highlighted the importance of advanced cybersecurity measures and the need for continuous monitoring and updating of security protocols.

Source: https://konbriefing.com/en-topics/cyber-attacks.html

"id": "exa711050724",
"linkid": "example-company",
"type": "Vulnerability",
"date": "03/2024",
"severity": "100",
"impact": "5",
"explanation": "Attack threatening the organization’s existence"

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